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So.  Yeah.  It would seem that I haven't had much to say about anything...  Well, that's not REALLY true, I just don't seem to have the, hmmm, wherewithal to, y'know WRITE anything.  There's plenty of stuff in my head what probably deserves to be written, but hasn't gotten there yet.

Anyway, the snow's started. In earnest, it seems.  I so rarely got snow growing up, so this is still a fairly new thing for me.  I enjoy it, nearly as much as most people seem to hate it...

The living room's been rearranged for better ingress/egress; previously the couch forced you to take a path around it to reach your goal.  The couch is now where the entertainment center was (for benefit of those who've actually BEEN to the apartment -- a select few, to be sure) and the EC is now halfway along the wall between the door and The Tower of Messy Doom, aka my desk.  It sort of forms a natural demarcation between Living Room and Officey Desk Area.

It looks better, despite being just a shade too far away for easy PS2 controller reach.  Which leads me to a conundrum.  I think I want a Wii.  I've heard all the glowing, effusive praise online, a co-worker speaks lovingly of his.  I've shied away from even thinking of a new console system (the PS2 is working just fine, thanks).  But now, well, I want something different.

Kate, however, insists that I spend some time ACTUALLY playing with one first.  This wouldn't be a problem, sez I, if I had one.

So, in the interests of marital peace, I'm officially fishing for an invite to spend some time with a Wii.  I'm not above bribery; I'll bring food and/or beverages.


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