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On Wednesday, Merlin Mann posted a link to Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools most recent User Tips, including this little nugget:
When your container of shaving oil is empty, try filling it with olive oil from the kitchen instead of spending $15 on a new stuff. I discovered that when I ran out a few years ago & I haven't looked back since. Olive oil does just as good a job and costs almost nothing per shave. People have been shaving with olive oil for thousands of years, there's no reason not to continue doing so.
-- Mark James

I'm always on the look out for ways to save myself money around the house, especially since K is going to school full time (Starting Monday!).  I decided I'd give this a try in lieu of my King of Shaves gel, just to see what would happen.  Going through my usual prep (hot, wet towel on face for 5 mins or so; make sure blade is clean), I went with the olive oil, keeping just ahead of the blade while applying.  On the flatter planes of my cheeks, this worked pretty darn well.  However, in what are generally my main problem areas (mustache, neck, jawline) this money-saving idea turns out to be a dud.

This is the worst shave I've had in years.  My neck is incredibly irritated (so much so that I'm using an ICEPACK to ease the irritation) and I've got stubble in places I don't normally have this problem.  Now, maybe if I shaved daily, or didn't have this hideous combination of a tough beard and sensitive skin, this might work better.  Who knows, most men may not have a problem with it.

But for me, it's apparent why most of the ancient Greeks had beards.

(image of Socrates via Wikipedia)


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