Oct. 14th, 2009

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tyring to beat Rob Neyer to a punch:

This from Richard Durrett of ESPNDallas's report on Rudy Jaramillo's decision not to return

Manager Ron Washington mentioned situational hitting as a big concern. The Rangers were 20th in the majors in runs scored and RBIs with runners in scoring position.

"I think we were very inconsistent at [situational hitting], and the players have to take the acceptance of that not being done," Washington said. "That's something we have to harp on in spring training -- play to the situation in the ballgame."

Umm, you were 17th in Batting Average and a laughable 24th in OBP.  Yeah OPS+ was 99, but that's juiced by your sick, sick .445 slugging (4th in MLB).  The ONLY teams ranked in the top 5 in both Slugging and OBP were Boston and (shock) the Yankees (the Red Sox slip to 6th in BA).  Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and the Giants all ranked in the Bottom 5 of Slugging and OBP.

So, it's easier to FAIL at both than to succeed at both.  Generally, you're going to be in the middle on both counts (unless you spend LOTS of money).  It's fair to say, given limited resources, you're going to have to balance hitting the snot out of the ball for situational hitting.  I realize he's had a track record of success, but "only 784 runs -- the fewest since Jaramillo was hired." is either a sign that you've got a bunch of young, inexperienced hitters (27.8 average, tied with TB and COL for 7th youngest) learning to play the game, or a hitting coach not getting through.  One thing it doesn't mean, is that ONE PARTICULAR area of your offense was bad.  It means most of it was.

All stats courtesy of Baseball Reference


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