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Right.  So.  Back when I was younger (so much younger than today), the days when I ran round Dallas in an '84 Cutlass (ah, the car of so many dreams), one of the great, as yet undiscovered local bands was Tripping Daisy.  At one point I owned a copy of one of their early disks, Bill. Unfortunately, my copy of said album has gone the way of the dodo.  I've managed to find multiple copies of their later albums I Am An Elastic Firecracker and Jesus Hits Like the Atom Bomb (which earns an AllTime Grammy nomination for Best Album Title) in record stores around town but I can NOT find Bill.

So, I'm surfing the intarwubs and I hit Amazon up to see if I can find myself a replacement copy.  Sure enough, used copies are all over the place.  One of the online merchants hosted through Amazon is "Hastings? Hastings?  As in Hastings Books, Records and Tapes?"  Their Amazon corporate storefront doesn't give me much information but a customer service line.  One Google search later, and hells yes, its Hastings Books, Records and Tapes.

In which our hero remembers his youth, or parts thereof )

Oh, and if someone should miraculously happen to have a copy of Bill, I'd be eternally grateful for a copy, or just to listen, once more, all the way through.  Good night.


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