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Tomorrow will be a day full of soreness, stiffness and suffering.  There will be pain, a shuffling, shambling gait and an unwillingness to move.  I will curse my knees, my hips and my aching muscles.  But today's ride was absolutely worth all of the above.  Starting from my apartment (Austin & Van Buren in Oak Park), I rode to the Oak Park Cyclery to get some accoutrements for night-time riding, since I know I'll be out close to or after sunset occasionally.  After that, I rode back down to the Harlem/Lake Green Line stop to head into the city.   Hopping off at Clark & Lake, I rode up LaSalle to Lincoln as far as Wilson, then headed over to the Lakefront trail and followed that up to its northern terminus at Ardmore. 

Here, I lounged on the beach for a good 30 minutes or so and called my sister to wish her a belated happy birthday.  Talked to both her and my brother while I tossed stones at seagulls (the birds were SOOO happy to catch those things once the came to rest).  Pulling myself together, I knew it was time for food.  Back on the bike and over to Broadway, I instantly had two options Moody's Pub or Ole St Andrew's Inn.  I opted for Ole St. Andrew's; a PBR and Bratwurst Sandwich fortified me as I watch Lou Piniella overthink his bullpen moves in the 7th to hand Washington a 3-2 lead (one they would eventually blow).

Energized I hopped BACK on my bike and headed back to the lakefront, heading south.  As I was having an absolute BLAST (such a great day for a ride), I kept going down past Navy Pier, along the DuSable Harbor and past Museum Campus and McCormick Place.  Finally, about 31st Street I realised that to go any farther would be folly.  It was nearing 5 and I still had to get home.  I came back up to the real world and headed over to catch the Green Line at IIT, barely missing a train as I fumbled in my bag for my CTA card.  Meh, gave me time to stretch.

After the train ride and then a short pedal back to the apartment, I'm now settling in and enjoying a mango-banana smoothie.  MMmm, mango.  Now, if you'll pardon me, I'm going to go melt into a puddle of immobile goo.

Hope you enjoyed your Sunday.


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