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As of today, the Simon Dashiell set on my flickr account is the largest.  Yep, that means I posted more pictures!

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This is the sort of thing that alternately frightens, upsets and saddens me.

Yes, it's just one city, built largely on the growth of one industry, but the tarnished beauty of the UA Theatre (when it's not reminding of the scene in Congress from Logan's Run) opens a deep well of sadness.  The loss of the house in Brush Park anges me (architecture is one of the most joyous forms of human endeavor).  And the idea that this is something that, given our current economic state and the uncertain changes that face us in th near future, could possibly be repeated MANY times over in more and larger cities, scares the living daylights out of me.

Much as I may not like a number of features that come with cities,  in many ways they are necessary repositories of a great deal of human artistic and constructive endeavor.  The possiblilty that this could all end (or suffer a precipitous decline) is the sort of thing that fuels a great deal of apocalyptic and dystopian thought and art.

There is beauty in emptiness but great sadness, too.

Thanks [personal profile] matociquala!
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For those who either missed or didn't get the email, pictures from Simon's baptism (why yes, it WAS in November, thanks) have been added to the flickr stream.
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Wow.  I've never thought of these two as anything but...well, OLD.

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from if charlie parker was a gunslinger, there'd be a whole lot of dead copycats
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And the front-runner for picture of the day is...

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Shorpy has an impressive collection of Ansel Adams pictures from the Manzanar Relocation Center in California from 1943 here.


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