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Apparently, the Computer & Communication Industry Association (CCIA), is filing a complaint with Federal Trade Commission over the league's copyright warnings (y'know the "express written consent" business), claiming them to be false and deceptive.

Ummm, Microsoft doesn't know ANYTHING about deceptive...or about hindering fair use.


talkendo: (Default) - NFL - Irate Lions fans plan second 'Millen Man March':
Disgruntled Lions fans planning stadium walkout
Associated Press

It's SO nice to see a sports fanbase riled up about the state of their favorite moribund franchise, but this team is 2 and 12!!!  They haven't put together more than 3 decent games in 2 years.  They have no quarterback, a defense of castoffs and bunch of highly picked receivers who collectively don't put as much work and effort in their jobs than Jerry Rice did.  This franchise has been horribly mismanaged by a hack (Hi Matt Millen.) who should have been fired by his boss long ago (Hi Mr. Ford!)   I'm glad I'm not a Lions fan.  But then again, so are the Detroit Lions.

Lions fans SHOULD be up in arms over the state of this franchise, but they SHOULD have been calling for his firing nonstop.  Only planning this NOW is probably an indication of just how beat-down they are.  Fire Millen NOW!  should have been their battle cry all through the long offseason and training camp and should have only gotten louder after that embarrasing loss to the Bears in WEEK TWO!  There should be a vacancy in their front office any day now.

Oh, and I'm available for interviews after Jan 1.  Mr. Ford, you know how to reach me.  I can't be any worse than Matt Millen.


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