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Ugh.  I so don't want to start another project.
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Head-Bashingly Furious
Cheesed off



Jul. 1st, 2008 08:51 am
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The problem with delegating responsibility is that no-one ever does the work right.  Now I have to work twice as hard to get the same amount of work done.
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that's really all I have to say.

I mean, I COULD go into great detail about the bizarre drunken-driving dream I had (ha, say THAT ten times fast).

And then I COULD tell you about the numerous simple-minded clients who are unable to even understand their own directions to me.

And then I COULD tell you about the server crash.  And having to cobble together backup systems for almost EVERYTHING.

Oh, and Flickr's email to blog is sorely trying my patience.  Please, don't let there be an undocumented filesize limit. [EDIT: There apparently isn't; it's just slower than I'd like. See below.

I COULD tell you about all that, but I won't.  One beer later (staring at my second tasty tasty beverage) I will only tell you that today sucked.

And tomorrow will probably be worse.  There's a slight possibility we might go to Poor Phil's for dinner.  If so, watch this space, I might want some company to sit and drink with, if tomorrow's as bad as I fear.

And now, more beer.
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Do NOT penalize MY communications because YOUR users don't clean up their inboxes.  This message:

This is an advisory-only email.  Please do not reply to it.
Delivery of email to this address
has been postponed due to a full mailbox.

Is a) incredibly annoying, b) a detriment to ALL communication, c) Un-FREAKIN-NECESSARY.  If email storage is a problem, you can solve it by 1) setting email clients to archive aggressively or store messages on user's computers or 2) getting more storage space (HINT: it's bloody cheap!)

Gah.  NOT being able to send MY COMPLETED WORK to someone who is waiting on it, because of something that ceased to be a problem in, oh about, 1995, is more frustrating than I have words for.  Thanks.  That's just what I needed to cap of this glorious day.
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It's a strange day when you use skills you developed for a hobby (no, not THAT hobby!) to get through a work project.

Long story short: There MIGHT be an easier way to fill in information on a map than by grabbing a GIS-generated image and pasting it in as a new layer in the TIFF map, but I don't know what it is.


Nov. 28th, 2006 01:36 pm
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Today is the kind of day I could walk out of work and happily never look back.

But I won't do that; I CAN'T  do that.  Too much depends right now on a recurring paycheck.  Maybe I'm just too tired right now; maybe it's the faint tendrils of illness slipping around my head, but right now I could NOT possibly care less about a single thing to do with work.

I'm tired of getting asked for judgment calls on the same nine things; I'm tired of hearing the same three complaints; I'm tired of online access for the website we need for about 75% of our work being down; I'm tired of never feeling like I'm getting ANYTHING done.  Maybe I just need to shake things up: the same 6 problems keep popping up, one of which I know I can't fix and the other five I don't feel I have the authority to fix.

This is a rant.  This is pointless, aimless venting with no purpose but to make me feel better.  My job and the people around me routinely piss me the hell off.  My time is not important to anyone but me, least of all my employer.

I don't care.  I'm angry, frustrated and need something, ANYthing to change.  Only one person's really capable of managing that: me.  Now, where to start...


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