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So, I have a paper due Wednesday. Yesterday evening, before dinner, I completed my draft and shipped it off to the prof to have it reviewed to make sure it's not critically failing some part of the instructions (like you do). The advice I received (just before dinner) assumed I was answering a different prompt. Which made me think my paper wasn't an utter disaster. I spent most of dinner and right afterwards convinced I needed to trash the ~1200 words already written and start over RIGHT THEN.
Fortunately, my wife talked me down off that limb.
This morning, I'm STILL worried over it. Until 930 or so, when the prof emails me that no, the paper is still OK, just needs an actual introduction and some additional clarity in certain areas. All of which is to say: Much Ado About Very Little.

But, oh gods, I was sure it was doomed to complete failure
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this is not the prompt response I had started out to write.  somewhere along the way,  the plan I'd had for this little story changed.

[ profile] prompt_a_day #409: Kicked Out

...and not a moment too soon," the keep remarked as finished ineffectually wiping the grime from a glass. "That feller, every year, this very same day he comes in and does the same thing: drink a bellyful and ends up near starting a riot. Any other time he's here, no problem, coupla drinks, pays prompt, tips well and Bob's your uncle.

"But THIS time he's gone too far."

"Hows that?" says I.

"This time, he's messed with the fella what wants to buy this bar," the keep replied, nodding to a smallish, sharp gent with a rapidly blackening eye.

"I see. So, buying a bar here isn't as easy as walking in and waving a credstik around?"

"No, in theory, it should be that easy. Only this gent is as like to close and raze the place as he is to keep it a bar. And the owner, Jack, that is, no Jack feels he has an obligation to keep us cripples employed. He won't sell to one as he feels won't keep the bar open."

And with that, he limped back down the bar, leaving me to stare vacantly into my drink and ponder my options. I'd left home to make a fortune, and was no closer than I had been a decade before. I still don't know WHY that fella keeps getting himself thrown out of this place.

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Stop giggling!  Each and every one of you knows it; it's not as if I'm, y'know, ASHAMED of it.  I got over that ages ago.  No, today I cemented my nerdiness.  I sent a fan letter to a blogger.

Okay, so it was Eric Burns of Websnark, but still, VERY nerdy.  And because I LOVE to share my nerdiness, I'm including the ENTIRE text of the letter ("Behind a cut, please?", you say.  "Well, if I MUST!")  This is one inSANELY nerdy email, because, well, it needed to be.

See, I KNOW I need to write.  I KNOW I need to sit down and get some of this stuff out of my head.  And I keep not doing it.  Repeatedly.  Don't believe me?  Look at the date of the last post.  Well, Eric's work keeps coming back to me.  He's a hella good writer (go see, trust me) and he keeps putting stuff out. (Not so much at Websnark, lately, but still)  It's never about whoever's reading it, it's about the one writing it.  And I'm continually disappointed at myself for not putting forth the effort to put some of these things what are in my head together. (Mainly because I keep not getting a response from whoever's reading.  See the fallacy?)

Anyway, I was prompted to write this because I was frustrated with Narbonic.  "Huh?  Wha?", you say.  "That's not Burns' comic".  "Very true, but he pointed it out to me." "Oh."  Anyway, I'd just slogged through the archives and found myself on the edge of a cliffhanger, with the end of the strip only a month and a half away (if Shaenon Garrity, the mad comic genius behind Narbonic meets her planned schedule) and I was wound up and wanted to blame someone for not having a resolution.

Having spent the better part of the last two weeks steeped in the mad scientist trope, I stuck with it before eventually ending it by saying what I needed to say: Thanks.  The reasons why are all well-spelled out in the letter itself.  Anyway, I've gone on long enough.

MegaNerdiness )


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